What is Canadian Experience Class?

Have you ever thought of migrating to Canada in search of work? Have you ever wished about becoming a permanent resident of Canada? If yes, then there are various immigration programs through which your dreams can come true. Canada is a land of opportunities that welcomes skilled individuals with open arms. If you too are proficient in English or French language and are skilled in one of the jobs mentioned in its annual occupations classification list, then you too can fly to Canada and earn in dollars.
The Canadian Experience Class is an invitation-only visa program under which applicants who are already working in Canada but do not have permanent residency can apply. The program aims at providing permanent residency to those skilled individuals who have experience of working in Canada and are already contributing to its economy.
Eligibility requirements
Visa under Experience Class is allotted to candidates having the following eligibility: The applicant must possess experience of…

What are the Express Entry Canada requirements?

The Express Entry to Canada is one of the most used channels. Launched in 2015, the program is used to allot visas to skilled individuals of foreign nationality who wish to permanently migrate to Canada. Even though this is the most prominent migration medium, very few candidates get shortlisted for Canadian visa. In order to get selected an individual must fulfil certain Express Entry Canada Requirements. Every candidate needs to :
·Obtain at least 67 marks in his profile evaluation.
·Be proficient in English and/or French Language, since both are official languages of Canada. 
·Get Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report. This is done to match an individuals’s degrees with the Canadian education system.
·Select an occupation from the list of National Occupation Classification (NOC).
·Have minimum 1 year of experience in the selected profession in the last 10 years of his work history.
·Be an individual of good character. As a proof police verification certificate must be submi…